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The Power Your Equipment Needs

If you own a vehicle, the battery will die at some point. Bayer has a great selection of replacement automotive batteries that provide the power you want. Our inventory also includes industrial batteries for your various needs. If your starter or alternator is faulty, we'll fix it and boost your car's power.

Battery Power

We carry automotive and industrial batteries by Deka and some deep-cycle batteries from Crown Battery for vehicles, semis, boats, golf carts, side-by-sides, and more! Restore the power to all types of gadgets with our selection of batteries for flashlights, watches, and more!

Restore Faulty Alternators and Starters

If your vehicle's indicator lights show low power, there could be a problem with the starter or alternator. Bring the part in question to our shop, and we'll run a test to figure out what is wrong while you wait. If we find a problem, we can make the necessary starter or alternator repair.

Car Battery